A Rock You Won’t Want to Take Off: 5 Reasons Little Rock is Going to Steal Your Heart



Located alongside the Arkansas River, there’s Little Rock – the epicenter of a vibrant night-life, delicious cuisine, and culture. Its downtown district is known to attract tourists from all around the globe and considering its one-of-a-kind atmosphere, entertainment spots, and numerous landmarks, this should come as no surprise. If you aren’t convinced already, the following 5 reasons are bound to sway your mind:

  1. The River Market District

What’s better than grabbing a bite to eat while doing a little bit of business on the side? Of course, you can also take it easy and just gather up with your friends to listen to a live concert. This is the place where culture meats the people’s hearts, but it’s also a haven of relaxation and good food. Full of places to go shopping and opportunities for outdoor activities in nature’s embrace, the market district is one of the key areas of Little Rock you should definitely take a look at.

  1. The Bernice Garden

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5 Fun Things to Do for Free in Sydney


Sydney is not only about sport and sea, yes it’s a bit of an exhibitionist with glittering playground, sun-burnt beaches, colossal harbor and the open Pacific. Today Sydney comprises of 4.5 million inhabitants that makes it one of the most liveable cosmopolitan cities of the world, truly a multiethnic hub of creativity, culture, and business. Beyond its audacious beauty lies an array of electric pleasures so book whooping

Take the Bondi to Coogee Walk – Enjoy the spectacular walks and coastlines, where the routes take to some of the iconic beaches of Sydney. In late spring check out the free sculpture by the sea. Keep your hiking boots ready as well as your things because there are two excellent coastal walks that kick off from Central Sydney: Bondi to Bronte (6 km) and Manly Scenic Walkway (10km). Therefore quickly acquire potential discounts by looking for cheapest flights.

Stroll at the Sydney Harbour Bridge – Whether you want to drive over it, climb it, rollerblading across it or sailing under it, Sydneysiders adores their bridge and swarm around it like ants on ice cream. It has been dubbed as the ‘old coat hanger’, like a spooky object-moving around the town, you are sure to catch a sight of it and get frightened. Why pay $200 (£130) to climb up the Harbour Bridge when you can snap up some breathtaking views by walking across it while holidaying in Sydney. Continue reading

Family Vacation: Tips and Tricks in Choosing the Ideal Place


Having a family means keeping them happy. Planning a Dream vacation for the family can be quite hectic. Different family members have different ideas on the ideal vacation, so you may need to figure out the best option to suit everyone’s needs. From the lakeside to the exotic countryside around the world, one can travel to. Creating a list of all locations that you may want to visit at some point and prioritizing some of them is the best way to narrow down the best destinations for that perfect vacation. Here are some few tips on choosing the ideal place family vacation:

  • Expense Issues

The costs involved are the highest priority to be considered when choosing the ideal vacation. You need to know the amount of money you have to spend, try out a vacation that best suits your budget. Creating a budget is quite easy, try calculating the transportation costs, may it be for the vehicle expense or the plane. The next step is to divide the remaining money by the number of days you will be spending the vacation. This expense includes the amount to be spent for your sleeping needs, food, fun activities and miscellaneous costs. Try staying on your Continue reading

Win Free Trip to Japan


Summer Time is Travel Time

TravelBook.ph, the leading local hotel booking website in the Philippines is celebrating its 4th year anniversary. With this, they are sending three lucky winners to Japan for FREE. Yes, you read it right, “FREE”, so give it a try, join for a chance to win the big prize.

Here’s How to Join

Make a hotel or resort booking through TravelBook.ph from March 11 to May 31, 2017. Both check-in and check-out dates should be within the said period to qualify. In addition, only customers who complete their stays (must check in and check out) are eligible to join. Please note that all rooms are subject to availability.

Prize for the Lucky Winners

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Excited for Summer


Summer is almost here and I can’t help but think about it! I can almost smell the salty breeze at the beach, the warmth that provides more energy and radiance to ordinary days. I can almost feel the sand under my bare feet giving me a sense of comfort and solace, the sun slightly burning my skin giving me a perfect tan. I can almost hear the crashing of the waves as they reach the shores, the children’s laughter as they play on sand or make those cute sand castles. I can imagine myself peacefully watching the beautiful sunset and enjoying the night afterwards. A bon-fire, food and drinks, happy music, and a great company to complete the ensemble for my perfect getaway.

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Tips and Trips for Island Hopping in Leyte

Is your travel route soon heading to the Island of Leyte? Yours truly is from Leyte, so I propose, island hopping is the great activity to do when you plan to visit the beautiful island of Leyte.
Travelling to Leyte is very easy, you can do it by land, sea and air. You can easily fly to Tacloban City from Manila; it is the commercial heart of the province where the only airport is located. You can book your flight via Traveloka, an online booking site that offers deals and promos to save on your airfare.
Let me help you plan your trip itinerary with the tips and trips for Island Hopping in Leyte. Where to stay in the City, where to dine for native and delicious cuisine, where to shop for souvenir items, where to travel around the island and what are the must have essentials in an island hopping adventure. I’ve got it all here!
Maybe you will ask. Why Island Hopping?

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