Sanosan Baby Products Review + Giveaway


Mom’s always wants to give the best for the family especially for the little ones and I’m one of those moms. I want to guarantee that they receive the sweetest care ever naturally and perfectly if possible. One way of assuring that the best is being given mainly on caring of my baby’s delicate skin is by checking out the label and ingredients used in the products contains high-quality, natural and nourishing such as Milk Protein and Olive Oil.

Recently, I discovered the Sanosan Baby products that created with natural ingredients. I was very enthusiastic to use the products on my baby. After days of using, sharing below is my verdict based on the experience of using them and why am I highly recommend Sanonsan Baby Products as best for caring baby’s delicate skin.

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6 Cuddling Health Benefits + Babycuddleph Review


Having a new bundle of joy in the family is a joyous occasion and a lot of holding and cuddling to do. If you’re a kind of parent that cuddle your baby over and over again, that’s great and healthy!

Want to know why?

Sharing below are cuddling health benefits (based on studies that I read) plus yours truly cuddling partner.

1. Cuddling helps replicate the womb environment were in baby feels warm and secure

2. Cuddling is a way of contact and bonding with your baby that help build your baby’s self-confidence and social relationship. It’s also a way to show love, care, understanding, and support. Continue reading

Baby Milestones at First Month


Hooray! My little miss just turns one month old. As a mom, it’s my role and goal to care for our baby’s health, growth and development and the opportunity to achieve full potential as they grow in this wonderful world. Shared below are the changes that I observed to my baby’s milestones at the first month.

  • On his tummy time, she can lift her head briefly and move it from side to side.
  • She can familiarize voice, this only means that her hearing is fully developed.
  • Her sense of sight I think is already clear at this early weeks coz she can already follow the movement of objects as well as faces.

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Family of Four: Bundle of Joy Arrived


July 14th of this year exactly 6:34 in the morning when the new life came out from the womb of a woman weighing 2.95 kg and 49 cm.

Meet the baby girl Venice Maxine, the new bundle of joy that makes us the family of four. I thank Dear God for a successful CS operation and a healthy life of our baby. Our baby girl is already three weeks and I am stunned with her development for she can already lift head briefly and move it from side to side when she’s lying on her stomach.

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Cuddle Cub Debut Giveaway



Hello, readers dear! Welcome to the Cuddle Cub Debut Giveaway. The giveaway is sponsored by

Prizes to be won are as follows:

  • The Ultimate Fan – 1 Winner of Disney Park tickets for you and the family
  • Target Gift Cards for Top 5 Sleep Gurus
  • $10 Gift Cards to Amazon for ranks 6 to 15 Sleep Expert
  • 3D Printed Animal Toy when you reach 500 point
  • 15% Off Cuddle Cub Purchase for 200 points earner.

Good Luck


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