5 Warning Signs that suggest Your Loved One Has a Drug Problem

In today’s world, it has become easier and easier to obtain any type of drugs. Everything from pot to cocaine to opioids can be found not only on every street corner but in almost every home.

Opioids are a prescription drug, used to ease pain, that is widely given to adults with anything from minor to chronic pain. These are highly addictive drugs, which is how the United States found itself in an epidemic drug abuse problem.

If the adult who was prescribed the medication doesn’t finish it and become addicted, there is a high probability that a teen in the house will take them. And if that teen doesn’t take them, they may sell or trade them with their friends.

Drug rehabilitation centers are filled with adults who had an accident and was prescribed heavy-duty painkillers and became addicted. It is that simple. These adults come from every walk of life, men and women, younger and older. These drugs do not discriminate.

If you or a loved one needs help, read more here.

Here are 5 warning signs that suggest your loved one has a drug problem.

1. Changes in Their Behavior

There are a number of clues that may indicate someone you care about is abusing drugs. One is a change in their behavior. They may have subtle changes at first, but as the disease progresses, they will not be able to control their emotions. Their entire personality may change to the opposite of what it always has been.

2. Physical Changes

A person abusing drugs will go through physical changes, sometimes at the same time as their behavior changes and sometimes before they become an angrier version of themselves.

These changes include weight loss or weight gain, open sores, scratching uncontrollably, they could suddenly smell strange, even after showering, and a whole host of other bodily alterations.

Their face changes, typically becoming smaller. And they will have a glazed look in their eyes along with bloodshot eyes.

3. Depression

Depression takes many forms besides an overwhelming sadness. One of the first indications of a deep depression caused by drug abuse is the person will stop taking care of themselves.

They stop showering and change their sleep pattern to one of much more sleep or no sleep at all. Their eating habits will also become turned around, either eating more or not at all.

4. Criminal Activity

Not all drug abusers will turn to criminal activities, but many of them will. Criminal behavior can run the gambit from lying about a simple issue, to stealing, to physical abuse.

The drug takes over and the individual you love and care about disappearing. In their place is a person you may not recognize. The lies and all that changes the individual goes through will cover their true identity. No longer are they the caring, fun-loving person you once thought the world of.

5. Focus

The person’s entire focus will soon change to one of all about the drugs. The only thing they will be able to focus on is getting their drug of choice and how to maintain that “high” feeling.

If you recognize any of these signs in a loved one, seek help immediately. If left untreated, a drug abuser will self-destruct and harm themselves, or someone else.

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