5 Helpful Tips on Caring Baby’s Skin



Congratulations on your new baby! I know that you really are in-love touching and kissing your little ones soft and smooth skin that smells amazing, right? Well, that’s pretty normal cause even me do the same thing.

Baby’s skin especially the newborn is quite tender and sensitive, needs extra care and protection. Proper skin care is much needed so I’m sharing below 5 helpful tips on caring baby’s skin to maintain the softness, smoothness and healthy skin ever of your precious little one.

  • Bath your baby three times per week. Don’t bath your baby frequently, 3 times per week is enough to keep baby clean. Frequent bathing removes the natural oils that protect baby’s skin, which in turn causes dryness.
  • Use gentle skin products. Avoid using unnecessary products in your baby’s early months. Gentle skin cleansing products are advisable. Better check if you have a family history of skin problems so that you can choose which products to use or avoid.
  • Use laundry products that safe for babies. Wash newly bought clothes. When washing baby clothes use only laundry detergents that are safe for babies. Check the label of the product and make sure it says fragrance-free and dye-free.
  • Change baby’s diaper often. Baby’s skin is so sensitive so make sure to clean the genital area regularly. Check baby’s diaper at least every two hours to know if it’s time for the nappy change.
  • Protect your baby under the sun. Make sure your baby is protected from harmful UV rays when going outside. How? Let your baby wear a hat and apply sunscreen to your baby’s exposed skin. Choose sunscreen products for baby.

Simple and easy tips that hopefully will help in your motherhood duty especially in caring baby’s skin.

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  1. MrsEneroDiaries says:

    3 times a week is enough pala, but not acceptable here in the Philippines. I do all the except for the taking a bath 3 times a week for my baby. For the sunscreen, I started using it when my daughter turned 2, that time kasi I can’t find sunscreen for babies.

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